Masters Degree In Finance

Master’s Degree in Finance

The school requires that students pass examinations in economic theory, in quantitative methods and in their fields of specialization. In addition they must demonstrate a capacity for research either through the preparation of a thesis or through participation in supervised research leading to the completion of at least one scholarly paper. These requirements can usually be met in three semesters of full-time study.

Department Course Requirements

  1. You are required to complete the following courses – any substitutions must be approved by Itay Goldstein:

1)      FNCE 681 or ECON 701;

2)      ECON 705  or STAT 520 – students must pass with a B- or better

3)      ECON 706 or STAT 521 – students must pass with a B- or better

4)      FNCE 911

5)      FNCE 912

6)      FNCE 921

7)      FNCE 924

8)      FNCE 928

  1. You are required to pass the PhD Preliminary Examination at the Master’s level.
  2. You are required to successfully complete a “substantial” paper that can substitute for a Master’s thesis.   The second-year paper requirement for Finance fulfills this requirement.
  3. Once the above have been completed, you will need to apply for your Master’s Degree by going to the following link:

  1. The forms that must be completed can be found on the Wharton Doctoral Inside website:

·        Plan Program of Study (certifies required coursework for the degree)

·        Certification of Qualifying Exam Form

·        Masters Research Paper Certification Form

  1. Please bring the forms to Andrea Rollins for review and she will give to Itay Goldstein, PhD Program Coordinator, for signature and then return them to you.
  2. Once received, your application for the degree will be reviewed for approval.