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Christine Dobridge

Research Interests: corporate finance, household finance, behavioral finance, public finance

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Contact Information

Address: 2435 SH-DH, 3620 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Mobile: 240-994-4716


I will be available for interviews at the 2015 ASSA meetings in Boston, MA.

Contact Information:

     Phone: 240-994-4716


Research Interests:

     Corporate Finance, Household Finance, Behavioral Finance, Public Finance

Job Market Paper:

Fiscal Stimulus and Firms: A Tale of Two Recessions

Abstract: Can fiscal stimulus policies targeted at firms incentivize investment and improve firm financial conditions? In this paper, I examine the effects of a countercyclical fiscal policy that gave firms additional tax refunds at the end of the past two recessions. To estimate the policy’s impact, I use a regression kink design strategy that takes advantage of a discontinuity in the slope of the tax refund formula. I find that after passage of the 2002 policy, firms allocated $0.40 of every tax refund dollar to investment. After passage of the 2009 policy, in contrast, firms used the refunds to increase cash holdings ($0.96 of every refund dollar) before paying down debt in the following year. While the policy had no discernable effect on investment in the most recent recessionary period, it did reduce firms’ bankruptcy risk and the probability of a future credit rating downgrade. My results highlight the importance of considering broad economic conditions in evaluating the potential effects of fiscal policy actions directed at firms.


     Ph.D., M.A., Finance, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 2015 (Expected)

     M.A., Economics, New York University 2009

     B.A., Economics, summa cum laude, Wellesley College, 2002


     Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Dissertation Intern, 2014

     Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., U.S. Economist, Consultant, 2009-2010

     Department of Treasury

          Deputy Assistant Secretary for Macroeconomic Analysis, Office of Economic Policy, 2008-2009

          Senior Advisor, Office of Economic Policy, 2007-2008

     Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., U.S. Economist, 2004-2007

     Council of Economic Advisers, Research Assistant, 2002-2004


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Ronald O. Perelman Professor in Finance                      Assistant Professor of Finance
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Nikolai Roussanov                                                                Andrew Abel
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Jennifer Blouin
Associate Professor of Accounting
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Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Household Finance, Behavioral Finance

Working Papers:

     Fiscal Stimulus and Firms: A Tale of Two Recessions (Job Market Paper)

     Heterogeneous Effects of Household Credit Access: The Payday Lending Case

Work in Progress:

     The Real Effects of Household Gambling

     Corporate Responses to Regulatory Risk: Diversified vs. Stand-Alone Firms

  • Christine Dobridge (Work In Progress), Heterogeneous Effects of Household Credit: The Payday Lending Case.  
  • Christine Dobridge (Work In Progress), Fiscal Stimulus and Firms: A Tale of Two Recessions (Job Market Paper).  

Awards And Honors

  • Rodney L. White Center for Financial Research Grant, 2014
  • Wharton Doctoral Travel Grant, 2014
  • de la Cruz Ph.D. Fellowship, The Wharton School, 2012
  • Jay H. Baker Retailing Center Ph.D. Research Grant, 2012
  • Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center Research Grant, 2012-2014
  • Dean's Fellowship for Distinguished Merit, Univ. of Penn, 2010-2014
  • Secretary of the Treasury's Distinguished Service Award, 2009


Teaching Fellowships:

     International Coporate Finance (MBA, Undergraduate), Spring 2012, 2013, 2014    

     Empirical Methods of Corporate Finance (PhD), Fall 2013

     Macroeconomics and the Global Economic Environment (MBA), Spring 2012

     MonetaryEconomics and the Global Economy (Undergraduate), Spring 2012

     Global Monetary and Financial Institutions (MBA, Undergraduate), Fall 2011