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Colin Ward

Research Interests: asset pricing, international finance, macrofinance, investments

Links: Curriculum Vitae, SSRN

  • Colin Ward (Draft), Is the IT Revolution Over? An Asset Pricing View (Job market paper).  Abstract
  • Colin Ward, Gunnar Grass (Draft), Do Corporate Bond Spreads Really Contain Illiquidity Premia?.  Abstract
  • Colin Ward, Nikolai Roussanov, Robert Ready (Under Review), Commodity Trade and the Carry Trade.  Abstract
  • Colin Ward, Joao F. Gomes, M. Yasser Boualam (Draft), Understanding the Behavior of Distressed Stocks.  Abstract
  • Colin Ward (2008), Bayesian REIT Volatility Estimation and Institutional Portfolio Allocation, Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, 14 (4), 425 - 442.