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Doron Levit

Assistant Professor of Finance

Research Interests: corporate finance, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions

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Contact Information

Address: 2322 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, 3620 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-573-8831



Ph.D. in Finance, Stanford University, 2011

M.A in Financial Economics, Hebrew University, 2006

B.Sc in Computer Science and Economics, Hebrew University, 2004

Academic Positions Held

Wharton: 2010-present


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  • Doron Levit (Under Review), Governing Through Communication and Intervention.  Abstract  Related Materials
  • Doron Levit, Alex Edmans, Devin Reilly (Working), Governing Multiple Firms.  Abstract  Related Materials
  • Doron Levit, Nadya Malenko (Forthcoming), The Labor Market for Directors and Externalities in Corporate Governance.  Abstract  Related Materials
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  • Doron Levit, Nadya Malenko (2011), Non-Binding Voting for Shareholder Proposals, Journal of Finance, 66(5), 1579-1614, October 2011  Abstract
  • Doron Levit (Working), Expertise, Structure, and Reputation of Corporate Boards.  Abstract
  • Doron Levit (Under Revision), Advising Shareholders in Takeovers.  Abstract



  • FNCE251 - The Finance of Buyouts and Acquisitions

    The course focuses on financial tools, techniques, and best practices used in buyouts (financial buyers) and acquisitions (strategic buyers). While it will touch upon various strategic, organizational, and general management issues, the main lens for studying these transactions will be a financial one. It will explore how different buyers approach the process of finding, evaluating, and analyzing opportunities in the corporate-control market; how they structure deals and how deal structure affects both value creation and value division; how they add value after transaction completion; and how they realize their ultimate objectives (such as enhanced market position or a profitable exit). The course is divided into two broad modules. The first module covers mergers and acquisitions, and the second one studies buyouts by private equity partnerships. During the spring semester this course cannot be taken pass/fail.

  • FNCE751 - The Finance of Buyouts and Acquisitions

    The focus of this course is on buying (or acquiring controlling stakes in) firms. The main topics to be covered are mergers and friendly acquisitions, hostile takeovers and buyouts. Using case studies, the course surveys the drivers of success in the transactions. While issues regarding motive and strategy will be discussed, financial theory would be the main lens used to view these control acquiring transactions. This will allow students to (1) evaluate transactions through valuation approaches and (2) structure deals employing financial innovation as a response to legal framework and economic frictions. This course should be of interest to students interested in pursuing careers as private equity investors, advisors in investment banking and corporate managers that deal with these issues. This course assumes familiarity with valuation analysis. During the spring semester students are not permitted to take this course pass fail.

  • FNCE932 - Corporate Finance

    This course covers Advanced theory and empirical investigations; financial desisions of the firm, dividends, capital structure, mergers, and takeovers.