Photo of Doron Levit

Doron Levit

Assistant Professor of Finance

Research Interests: corporate finance, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions

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  • Doron Levit, Adrian Corum (Working), Corporate Control Activism.  Abstract  Related Materials
  • Doron Levit (Under Review), Governing Through Communication and Intervention.  Abstract  Related Materials
  • Doron Levit, Alex Edmans, Devin Reilly (Working), Governing Multiple Firms.  Abstract  Related Materials
  • Doron Levit, Nadya Malenko (Forthcoming), The Labor Market for Directors and Externalities in Corporate Governance.  Abstract  Related Materials
  • Doron Levit (Under Review), Soft Shareholder Activism.  Abstract  Related Materials
  • Doron Levit, Nadya Malenko (2011), Non-Binding Voting for Shareholder Proposals, Journal of Finance, 66(5), 1579-1614, October 2011  Abstract
  • Doron Levit (Working), Expertise, Structure, and Reputation of Corporate Boards.  Abstract
  • Doron Levit (Under Revision), Advising Shareholders in Takeovers.  Abstract