Photo of Jessica Jeffers

Jessica Jeffers

Matriculation Year: 2011


Yale University, BA Economics & Mathematics, 2009

Research Interests:

Empirical Corporate Finance, Human Capital, Innovation, Governance

Work in Progress:

"Build That Wall? The Economic Impact of Barriers to Employee Mobility"

"Connecting With Co-Workers: The Value of Within-Firm Networks" with Michael Lee

"Corporate Culture as an Implicit Contract" with Michael Lee

"Goodwill Hunting: Corporate Social Responsibility as an Investment"


"Institutional Investing When Shareholders Are Not Supreme" with Chris Geczy, David Musto and Anne Tucker, Harvard Business Law Review 5 (2015)

"Great Expectations: Mission Preservation and Financial Performance in Impact Investing" with Jacob Gray, Nick Ashburn and Harry Douglas, Wharton Social Impact Initiative Report (2015)


Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz Fellowship, 2015

LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge Winner, 2015

CSWEP Summer Fellowship at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, 2015

Irwin Friend Doctoral Fellowship, 2014 (awarded for the best third year paper)

Wharton Social Impact Initiative Grant, 2014

Wharton Corporate Social Responsibility Fellowship, 2014

Mack Institute Grant for Innovation Research, 2013

Work Experience: 

Financial Consulting, Novantas LLC, 2009-2011