Photo of Susan M Wachter

Susan M Wachter

Albert Sussman Professor of Real Estate

Professor of Finance

Research Interests: housing finance, real estate economics, urban economics

Links: CV, Personal Website

  • FNCE399 - Supervised Study in Finance

    Integrates the work of the various courses and familiarizes the student with the tools and techniques of research.

  • REAL215 - Urban Real Estate Economics

    Urban Real Estate Economics uses economic concepts to analyze real estate markets, values and trends. The course focuses on market dynamics in the U.S. and internationally, with an emphasis on how urban growth and local and federal government policies impact urban development and real estate pricing. A group development project gives hands on experience, and invited guest speakers bring industry knowledge. Besides the group project and presentation, problem sets are required along with a midterm and an optional second exam.

  • REAL236 - International Housing Comparisons

    This course focuses on international comparisons of housing finance systems and housing market outcomes. This includes comparative analyses of the financial and economic factors that underlay housing market differences and similarities. Changing housing market institutions and policies in developed and emerging economies are examined. The course also addresses the implications of the integration of global financial markets for national housing markets. International speakers present their views on institutional innovations and the policy setting process in their respective markets. Various approaches to understanding these issues will be used, including readings, written assignments, and group projects.

  • REAL399 - Independent Study

    All independent studies must be arranged and approved by a Real Estate department faculty member with the exception of the Annual Student Research Competition.

    Annual Student Research Seminar: This class meets in the Spring semester to analyze how to conduct research in the real estate market - where to find data; how to critique research; how to frame research questions; how to write a business research report; how to present a business research report. Topics are provided each year. For more information regarding the Annual Student Research Competition see the Real Estate Department's website: