Photo of Martin A. Asher

Martin A. Asher

Adjunct Professor, Finance

Research Interests: law and economics, antitrust, income distribution, gender and race wage differentials

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  • BEPP399 - Research Seminar in Policy Analysis.

    This research seminar is to provide an opportunity for upper level students -- juniors and seniors -- to pursue scholarly research on topics of interest related to public policy. During the first few weeks, faculty members of the Department will present their research, talk about the importance of the topic, why they chose particular research methods, the implications of their findings for public policy. Each professor will provide a set of readings relevant to their presentation. This will be followed by several weeks of student presentations of their proposed research, with the same emphases -- why they chose this topic, how they plan to carry out the research, the types of data that will be drawn upon, etc. During the entire semester students will meet individually with the Professor to discuss specific issues in formulating their research and in carrying out the research. Research papers will be due one week after the end of classes.