Photo of Joao F. Gomes

Joao F. Gomes

Howard Butcher III Professor of Finance

Research Interests: macroeconomics and financial markets, corporate investment and financing

Links: CV

  • Joao F. Gomes (Work In Progress), Leverage and Equity Risk: Better Estimates.
  • Joao F. Gomes (Work In Progress), The Macroeconomic Implications of Corporate Income Taxes.
  • Vito Gala, Joao F. Gomes (Working), Beyond Q: Investment without Asset Prices.  Abstract
  • Joao F. Gomes, Vito Gala (Under Review), Beyond Q: Investment Without Asset Prices.    Abstract  Related Materials
  • Yasser Boualam, Joao F. Gomes, Colin Ward (Draft), Understanding the Behavior of Distressed Stocks.  Abstract
  • Joao F. Gomes, Lukas Schmid (Under Revision), Equilibrium Credit Spreads and the Macroeconomy;.    Abstract
  • Joao F. Gomes (Draft), Financing Investment - Technical Appendix.    Related Materials