Photo of Robert P. Inman

Robert P. Inman

Richard King Mellon Professor of Finance

Professor of Business Economics & Public Policy

Professor of Real Estate

Research Interests: political economy, public finance, urban fiscal policy

  • Robert P. Inman, Daniel L. Rubinfield (Working), Understanding the Democratic Transition in South Africa.  
  • Robert P. Inman (Working), Federalism's Values and the Value of Federalism.  
  • Steven Craig, Andrew Haughwout, Robert P. Inman, Thomas Luce (2004), Local Revenue Hills: Evidence from Four U.S. Cities, The Review of Economics and Statistics, 86 (2), 570 - 585.  
  • Robert P. Inman, Transfers and Bailouts: Enforcing Local Fiscal Discipline with Lessons from U.S. Federalism (2003).
  • Robert P. Inman (2002), Should Suburbs Help Their Central Cities?, Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs, 2002.
  • Andrew Haughwout, Robert P. Inman (2001), Fiscal Policies in Open Cities With Firms and Households, Regional Science and Urban Economcis, Vol. 31 (Issues 2-3), 147 - 180. doi: 10.1016/S0166-0462(00)00059-4.    Abstract
  • Robert P. Inman (1999), Changing the Price of Pork: The Impact of Local Cost Sharing on Legislators' Demands for Distributive Public Goods, Journal of Public Economics, (February 1999).  Abstract
  • Robert P. Inman (1997), Rethinking Federalism, Journal of Economic Perspectives, (Fall 1997).