Photo of A. Craig MacKinlay

A. Craig MacKinlay

Joseph P. Wargrove Professor of Finance

Research Interests: asset pricing models, behavior of futures prices, econometric modeling, market microstructure, mutual fund performance., stock market behavior


PhD, University of Chicago, 1985; MBA, University of Chicago, 1983; MBA, University of Western Ontario, 1980; BS, University of Western Ontario, 1978

Career and Recent Professional Awards; Teaching Awards

Oxford University Press Century Publication Celebration 100 Best Papers of All Time Award, 2006; IMCA Journalism Award, 2003; Paul A. Samuelson Award for Outstanding Scholarly Writing on Lifelong Financial Security, 1997; Batterymarch Financial Management Fellowship, 1990; Outstanding Paper for 1990, Society for Financial Studies, 1990

Academic Positions Held

Wharton: 1984-present (named Joseph P. Wargrove Professor of Finance, 1995).

Other Positions

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research, 1989-present

Professional Leadership 2005-2009

Editorial Board, The Journal of Investment Consulting, 1998-present; Member, Morgan Stanley Institutional Equity Academic Advisory Board, 2002-present


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