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Krishna Ramaswamy

Edward Hopkinson, Jr. Professor of Investment Banking

Professor of Finance

Research Interests: investment management in equity and bond markets, options and futures

  • FNCE392 - Financial Engineering

    Many financial products are introduced each year; some are designed to meet the needs of a particular clientele, and others are really strategies and related implementations. A common feature of the successful products is the careful attention to their design, and more importantly, the technical preparation that entered into its valuation,its hedging, and its benefits to users. Innovations in financial markets are rapidly imitated because even complex contracts and strategies that use existing securities or they are seen as equivalent to dynamically-adjusted positions in other securities. A strong foundation in the technical tools and statistical methods is invaluable in this process of financial engineering. The objectives in this course are two fold. First to provide the student with the necessary skills to design or reverse-engineer, to value, and to hedge these products. Second, to enable the student to absorb the analytical arguments in the (increasingly) technical publications that deal with innovations in these contracts - now in the in-house research notes of financial institutions and in practitioner-oriented journals - and to apply them.

    FNCE392001  ( Syllabus

  • FNCE892 - Financial Engineering

    This class covers advanced pricing models for equity, fixed income and credit derivatives. It aims at: 1) Introducing the main models used in practical applications to price and hedge derivatives; 2) Understanding their comparative advantages and limitations, as well as how they are calibrated and applied. As part of team assignments, students will be asked to calibrate and implement the models introduced in the class using software of their choice.

    FNCE892001  ( Syllabus