Alejandro Lopez-Lira

Alejandro Lopez-Lira

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Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Banking, Macro Finance, Financial Frictions


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    This course surveys key economic concepts such as scarcity, efficiency and monopoly; basic public policy analytic techniques including cost-benefit analysis; as well as fundamental principles in public budgeting.Students practice applying these concepts, techniques and principles through case-based studies and exercises.


What Really Helps Employees to Improve (It’s not Criticism)

Author Marcus Buckingham defied much of HR’s accepted wisdom in his keynote at the recent Wharton People Analytics Conference.

Knowledge @ Wharton - 2019/05/16
Late Bloomers: Why Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Journalist and self-described late bloomer Rich Karlgaard rejects societal pressure to achieve success at an early age, saying there’s plenty of scientific evidence that many people find their talents later in life.

Knowledge @ Wharton - 2019/05/16
Empowering the Developing World, One Bicycle at a Time

World Bicycle Relief, a nonprofit organization that builds and distributes bicycles in rural areas of the developing world, is the 2019 winner of the Lipman Prize.

Knowledge @ Wharton - 2019/05/16