MICRO & MACRO – FNCE 950 Seminar Rules

Registration Policy

  1. Seminar Courses (FNCE 950):  Students should limit seminar courses to a maximum of three.  Any student who wants to enroll in FNCE950 will need to get approval of Ph.D. Program Coordinator.
  2. here will be two tracks for FNCE950: Micro and Macro.
  3. Students enrolled in FNCE950 Micro must attend all Thursday seminars for the semester and write two referee reports on papers presented in the seminar during the semester. The referee reports should be submitted to the Ph.D. coordinator for review.  Similar rules apply to FNCE950 Macro, but for the Tuesday seminars.
  4. The grade will be determined for FNCE 950 seminars based on seminar attendance and the review of the referee reports by the Ph.D. Program Coordinator.