Paul M. Mazur Macro Seminars

Coordinators: Urban Jermann, Sean Myers and Thomas Winberry
Fall 2021

Thursdays 12:00 – 1:30pm
SH-DH 211

2-SepIvan Werning - MITDynamic Oligopoly and Price Stickiness(joint with Oliver Wang)
9-SepZhongtian Chen and Felix Nockher - PhD Presentations
16-SepJames Paron - PhD Presentation
23-SepHassan Afrouzi - ColumbiaGrowing by the masses: Revisiting the link between firms size and market power (joint with Andres Drenik and Ryan Kim)
30-SepGreg Duffee - John Hopkins UniversityMacroeconomic News in Asset Pricing and Reality
7-OctPascual Restrepo - Boston UniversityTasks, Automation, and the Rise in US Wage Inequality
14-OctKatarina Borovickova - NYUConsistent Evidence on Duration Dependence of Price Changes (joint with Fernando Alvarez and Robert Shimer)
21-OctBegum Ipek Yavuz - PhD Talk"Activists in the Boardroom"
28-OctMarco Giometti - PhD Talk"Relationship Lending When Borrowers Are in Distress"
4-NovHarald Uhlig - University of ChicagoNeoclassical Growth Transition Dynamics with One-Sided Commitment (joint with Dirk Krueger and Fulin Li
11-NovDavid Berger - Duke"Minimum Wages and Welfare" joint with Kyle Herkenhoff and Simon Mongey
18-NovVeronica Guerrieri - Chicago Booth“Monetary Policy in Times of Structural Reallocation” (joint with Guido Lorenzoni, Ludwig Straub, and Ivan Werning)
2-DecEllen McGrattan - University of Minnesota"A Theory of Business Transfers" joint with Anmol Bhandari and Paolo Martellini
9-DecAnna Cieslak - Duke"Policymakers’ Uncertainty"