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For over 120 years, Wharton’s Finance Department has remained at the forefront of finance education and research. Today, Wharton Finance offers premier courses, publishes groundbreaking research, and holds seminars and conferences around the world.

Research Innovation

Do Common Factors Really Explain the Cross-Section of Stock Returns?

Alejandro Lopez-Lira and Nick Roussanov

Who hedges interest-rate risk? Implications for wealth inequality∗

Sylvain Catherine, Max Miller, and James D. Paron

The Perceived Value of Pension Funding: Evidence from Border House Prices∗

Darren Aiello, Asaf Bernstein, Mahyar Kargar, Ryan Lewis, and Michael Schwert

Bank Transparency and Deposit Flows*

Qi Chen, Itay Goldstein, Zeqiong Huang, and Rahul Vashishtha

Arms Sales in Financial Markets

Vincent Glode and Xingtan Zhang

Getting to the Core: Inflation Risks Within and Across Asset Classes

Xiang Fang, Yang Liu, and Nikolai Roussanov

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