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Finance Department Advisor:

Professor Richard Kihlstrom
Office & Hours: 2300 SH-DH, TBA,  please email kihlstro@wharton.upenn.edu   with questions or to set up a time.

If unavailable, please contact Professor Richard Herring - herring@wharton.upenn.edu

****Please note -

The Finance Department waitlist will open on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015. Permits for Finance courses will only be issued through the Waitlist System.

All Waitlist requests submitted on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 beginning at 10:00am until 10:00pm on Friday, December 4th, 2015 will be given the same date classification. All requests received from 10:01pm on Friday, December 4th  will be sorted based on the date and time your request was received.

Based on seat availability, we will begin the process of registering students on Monday, December 7th, and Tuesday, December 8th only. The Waitlist System will remain open to students to enter their course requests, but seats will not be awarded again until Monday, January 11th, 2016.

 The Finance Department’s Drop Deadlines are different than the University’s

                        Finance DROP Deadline - Monday, January 25th, 2016        

Should you decide to drop a Finance course, you must do so through Penn In Touch prior to the Finance Department’s drop deadline.  If you drop a Finance course after the department deadline you will receive a “W” on your transcript.

Finance Concentration

The concentration in Finance develops the skills necessary to work at a high level of expertise in all areas of finance, in both the private as well as public sectors: asset management; commercial and investment banking in an international context; the financial management ('treasury function') of commercial and industrial enterprises as well as of financial institutions; the financial aspects of venture capital as well as of mergers and acquisition; and in most aspects of management consulting in both the domestic as well as the international sectors. In addition, concentrating in finance equips students well for careers in law and government, and not simply in the private sector.


To complete the concentration, students are required to complete FNCE 100 and FNCE 101, and any four additional courses offered by the Finance Department. These courses must be taken for a grade.

The department offers a large number of upper level courses in a variety of these areas, and students are encouraged to choose among these broadly, to develop their skills widely. It is not wise to focus all one's courses in a narrow area, however appealing this may be immediately. The field of finance changes rapidly and the aim of the concentration is to develop the basic tools, to be able to learn and adapt these skills as needs of the specific job changes.

For a complete listing of FNCE courses, refer to the Undergraduate Course Listings Page.

Several types of specialized programs can be devised, if desired, but it is recommended that the students seek the suggestion of the advisor before doing so.

1. Only one Finance 399, Independent Study OR Advanced Study may be applied to the concentration. Independent Studies must be supervised by a member of the Finance Department standing faculty.

2. No courses taken Pass/Fail may be applied towards meeting the concentration requirement.

3. Students cannot obtain credit for both FNCE 101 and ECON 102 (formerly ECON 004). ECON 102 (ECON 004) does not count towards the FNCE 101 requirement. Students who have already taken ECON 102 (ECON 004) must take a higher level FNCE elective to count towards the FNCE 101 requirement. Since this course replaces FNCE 101 it must be taken for a grade. For students concentrating in Finance, additionally, this higher level elective used for the FNCE 101 requirement will not count as one of the four courses required for the Finance concentration.

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