Frequently Asked Waitlist / Registration Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the purpose of the Waitlist?

The Waitlist System is used to enroll students into undergraduate courses that are currently closed on PATH. It was designed to ensure Wharton Finance concentration students are able to take their required course load.


Q. How do I access the Finance Waitlist?

Please complete the Finance Waitlist Request Form


Q. PATH says I need a permit to register for this class. Can I have one?

If you received a message indicating you need a permit due to restrictions, you should first review the restrictions listed under the course description. Some Finance upper-level electives are prioritized for Wharton, Finance Majors, seniors. The priority codes are listed below the course description. If you meet those restrictions and are still not able to register, please email .We will check the system to see why you are not able to register and get back to you. If your current status does not align with the priority codes noted, you will need to wait until the waitlist opens. In some cases, the course restrictions are modified during the registration process based on demand.


Q. Can I get a permit if the class is closed?

If the course is closed due to the capacity on PATH, you will need to request a seat by signing onto the Waitlist.


Q. Do I need to be a Wharton Student to use the Waitlist?

No, any PENN student can request a seat in a Finance Course.


Q. Does the Waitlist encompass all Finance Courses?

The Waitlist is only used for Undergraduate Core and Elective courses, with the exclusion of Honors sections. An application process is used to determine enrollment in the honors sections. All MBA courses are closed to non-MBA students, enrollment is controlled by the Wharton MBA office and the Course Match process.


Q. When does the Waitlist open?

The Waitlist will generally open two weeks prior to the start of classes. At this point you should pick the course(s) you are most interested in taking. An e-mail is also sent out to all Wharton Undergraduate students regarding updates. We are not able to mass mail other schools but if you are interested in receiving additional information please e-mail .


Q. How does the Waitlist Rank my request?

When the Waitlist opens requests are sorted based on your ranking and the date and time your request is received. The week before classes start, we will begin the process of registering wait-listed students should seats become available. The Waitlist system will assign students to courses based on the following pre-set priority status:

1) Finance majors before non-finance majors
2) Seniors before juniors
3) Wharton students before non-Wharton students
4) The date and time you enter your Waitlist request


Q. How does the Waitlist determine my priority?

Your priority status is determined from the information in PATH. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check with your school office regarding your major and your class status (SR, JR). Your scheduled graduation date is a factor in our ranking process.


Q. How will I know when I am given a seat from the Waitlist?

If we are able to register you, you will receive an e-mail alerting you of the registration. Please double check that the e-mail address that appears under your name when you log into the waitlist is the correct address.


Q. When will I find out if I have been given a seat?

There is no set answer to this question; seats are given out as they become available. If there are no drops there will be no movement on the Waitlist.


Q. How many classes can I ask for?

The Waitlist system will allow you to pick 4 classes, but please choose only the classes you are interested in. Remember that there is no guarantee you will get a seat in your first choice.


Q. What happens if I have a class scheduled at the same time as the class I’m requesting?

If your schedule cannot accommodate your selection because you have a scheduling conflict, you will receive an e-mail alerting you of the problem. You will have until 12:00 Noon the following day to resolve your conflict. At this point we try to register you one additional time. If registration is still unsuccessful, your name will be dropped, and that seat will be given to the next person on the Waitlist.


Q. How do I switch to a different section?

If the section you want is full, you will need to place your name on the Waitlist for the section you want. We cannot move you into a closed section.


Q. What do I do if I get a class I no longer want?

You must go to PATH and drop the class.


Q. How is my Waitlist rank (or “status”) determined?

Your Waitlist rank (or “status”) is determined by a combination of 1) Wharton/non-Wharton status, Finance/non-Finance concentration, and graduation date. Wharton Seniors with a Finance Concentration whose graduation date is May 2023 have the highest ranking.
Note: Wharton Juniors with a Finance Concentration will have priority over Wharton Seniors without a Finance Concentration.

**However, requests AFTER the initial period above, WILL be date/time ranked (i.e., those ARE “first-come, first-served” among others with the same status). **


Q. As an undergrad, can I enroll into MBA sections?

No, seats in MBA sections are controlled by the Wharton MBA/ Graduate Division in their Course Match process.


Q. Am I guaranteed to get the course/section that I request?

Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferences, but there is no guarantee a seat will open in your first or second choice. You will be enrolled in the first seat that becomes available within your selections.


Q. Should I go to the class that I’ve requested on the Waitlist (but not gotten into)?

Yes, but if all seats are occupied by registered students, then those students have the right to a seat in the course.