Teaching Assistant Positions

The Finance Department each semester hires both MBA students and Undergraduate students to work as teaching assistants.

Requirements: Students must already have taken the course for which they will TA and should have received an A. It is optimal to have your instructor recommend you to the instructor for whom you want to work as a TA.

Duties: Duties vary from course to course and from instructor to instructor. They may include holding office hours, conducting review sessions, reviewing cases and other class assignments, and grading exams. These duties should involve, on average, five to ten hours of work per week during the semester.

** NOTE: A student may TA for only ONE class per semester. Additional courses require academic advisor approval.

Procedure: Each instructor screens prospective teaching assistants. Contact the instructor or leave him/her a note expressing your interest. After you have come to an agreement with the instructor, contact Elizabeth Cummings (2303 SH-DH, 215-898-4167, cumminge@wharton.upenn.edu), and Stacy Franks, stacyf@wharton.upenn.edu, to complete forms and make payment arrangements.

TA payments will not be generated until all paperwork is processed.