Amy Wang Huber

Amy Wang Huber
  • Assistant Professor of Finance

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  • office Address:

    2454 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall
    3620 Locust Walk
    Philadelphia, PA 19104

Research Interests: Financial intermediation. Asset pricing. Macro-finance. International finance.

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All Courses

  • FNCE7070 - Valuation

    The focus of this course is on the valuation of companies. The course covers current conceptual and theoretical valuation frameworks and translates those frameworks into practical approaches for valuing companies. The relevant accounting topics and the appropriate finance theory are integrated to show how to implement the valuation frameworks discussed on a step-by-step basis. The course teaches how to develop the required information for valuing companies from financial statements and other information sources in a real-world setting. Topics covered in depth include discounted cash flow techniques and price multiples. In addition, the course covers other valuation techniques such as leveraged buyout analysis.

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In the News

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Foreign investors are allocating ever-higher shares of their portfolios to U.S. dollar-denominated securities, but not necessarily because they want to hold U.S. dollars.Read More

Knowledge at Wharton - 1/23/2024
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