Chaojun Wang

Chaojun Wang
  • Assistant Professor of Finance

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    2458 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall
    3620 Locust Walk
    Philadelphia, PA 19104


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    This course provides an introduction to the theory, the methods, and the concerns of corporate finance. The concepts developed in FNCE 100 form the foundation for all elective finance courses. The main topics include: 1) the time value of money and capital budgeting techniques; 2) uncertainty and the trade-off between risk and return; 3) security market efficiency; 4) optimal capital structure, and 5) dividend policy decisions. ACCT 101 + STAT 101 may be taken concurrently. Honors sections require MATH 114 as a prerequisite.

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In the News

How Big Banks Can Become Too Big to Fail

Wharton finance professor Chaojun Wang, whose research looks at financial market organization, explains the conditions that lead to too-big-to-fail banks.Read More

Knowledge at Wharton - 6/25/2018
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