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Chaojun Wang
  • Assistant Professor of Finance

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    This course provides an introduction to the theory, the methods, and the concerns of corporate finance. The concepts developed in FNCE 100 form the foundation for all elective finance courses. The main topics include: 1) the time value of money and capital budgeting techniques; 2) uncertainty and the trade-off between risk and return; 3) security market efficiency; 4) optimal capital structure, and 5) dividend policy decisions. During the Fall semester there are honors sections of FNCE 100 offered. The seats in the honors sections are awarded through an application process. Please go to: for additional information.


How Washington Can Create Smarter Regulations

“Regulatory excellence” requires a system of smart management, a lack of corruption, and empathy toward businesses and consumers alike, a Penn expert says.

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Why Willingness to Pay Doesn’t Mean Consumers Like What They Buy

Marketers have long relied on willingness to pay as a way to gauge consumer preferences. However, new Wharton research shows that paying what’s on a price tag isn’t a clear indicator that people enjoy the products they buy.

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What the End of Net Neutrality Actually Means

As the Obama era rules end, there are a number of questions surrounding how consumers will be affected and whether additional policy changes may follow.

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