TA Office Hours

Please note: The information below is based on the original schedule provided to the department and may not reflect last minute changes. Please contact the TA or your Professor directly if needed for any time changes that we may not be aware of.

“Desks A, B, C, and D” are located within the Finance Department, SH-DH 2305

CourseProfessorTA NameDayTimeLocation
FNCE 100MacKinlaySloan GevinsonTuesdays12:00-1:30pmDesk A
Tuesdays2:00-3:00pmDesk A
Ahalya RajagopalanWednesdays1:30-3:00pmDesk A
Zach MichaelsWednesdays3:00-4:30pmDesk A
Sonia SardaWednesdays4:30-6:00pmDesk A
FNCE 100WangGeorge CaryThursdays3:00-5:00pmDesk A
Eduardo GutierrezFridays1:00-3:00pmDesk A
George CaryTuesdays1:30-3:00pmDesk B
FNCE 100DrechslerElinaWednesdays1:00-2:00pmSH-DH 2403
Kathryn WangThursdays10:00am-11:00amSH-DH 2403
ElinaFridays11:00am-12:00pmSH-DH 2403
FNCE 100RamaswamyHaileeTuesdays1:00-2:30pmSH-DH 2406
HaileeWednesdays3:00-4:30pmSH-DH 2403
FNCE 101SakaAmeya ShivaMondays2:30-4:00pmDesk A
Rohan BharvaniThursdays10:30am -12:00pmDesk A
FNCE 205KeimMondays2:30-6:30pmDesk B
FNCE 208/731MarstonKyler ChongTuesdays1:30-3:00pmDesk A
Alisha JoshiTuesdays12:00 - 1:30pmDesk C
Maame OforiTuesdays3:00-5:00pmDesk C
FNCE 219/719JermannStephanie YangWednesdays9:00-10:30amDesk B
ShivaniWednesdays2:00-3:30pmDesk B
FNCE 235CuocoJames LoftonThursdays10:30am - 12:00pmDesk B
FNCE 235/725DieckmannMondays3:00-4:00pmSH-DH 2403
Tuesdays3:00-4:00pmSH-DH 2403
FNCE 238/738MustoJames MegibowThursdays Q11:30-3:00pmDesk D
Maxwell HermelinThursdays Q21:30-3:00pmDesk D
Isabelle BrownWednesdays Q14:30-6:00pmSH-DH 2406
Mehran EbrahimianWednesdays Q24:30-6:00pmSH-DH 2406
FNCE 611BingsbergenJibran N KhanTuesdays10:30am - 12:00pmDesk A
JulieTuesdays10:30am - 12:00pmDesk B
Sally FernandesThursdays12:00-1:30pmSH-DH 2406
FNCE 717DouFridays10:00am - 12:00pmSH-DH 2406
FNCE 726GultekinIpek YavuzFridays4:00-6:00pmSH-DH 2406