Faculty and Staff Printing

All printers should be automatically added to your office computer.  If you need to add these manually here is the information you’ll need.

Windows 10 adding a printer

MacOs adding a network printer by IP address

If you are on AirPennNet you will need to connect to the VPN: https://support.wharton.upenn.edu/help/using-the-wharton-vpn

Printer Location  Print Server Location  IP Address  Printer Model 
SHDH 2405 Mail Room  \\printer.wharton.upenn.edu\fnce-ricoh-2405  Ricoh C6004 
SHDH 2301 Behind front desk  \\printer.wharton.upenn.edu\fnce-ricoh-2301  Ricoh C6004 


FNCE Color Printer  \\printer.wharton.upenn.edu\fnce-color-HPM553  HP M553