How To

Connecting a laptop, smartphone, or tablet to AirPennNet

First, connect to the AirPennNet-Help wireless network. Launch your web browser and you will be routed to a web page that will step you through the configuration steps needed for AirPennNet. You will need your PennKey username and password.

If the installation process appears to complete successfully but you are returned to the AirPennNet-Help network, you may need to delete your web browser’s cache files.

Connecting to VPN

Open your favorite browser and go to Follow the directions displayed on the site.

Connecting to your U:\ drive

If you are using a domain joined computer on campus the U:\ drive should appear automatically.

Connecting using WIndows 7:

First connect to VPN.  For temporary connections click the start menu and type \\\fnce\<role>\<username>.  Replace <role> with either faculty, staff or phd and replace <username> with your Wharton user name. For permanent connection click start and type computer then click on the computer link that will appear in the start menu. Click map network drive.  For the drive option choose the letter U: and in the folder option type \\\fnce\<role>\<username>. Make sure reconnect at logon and connect using different credentials are checked.  Click Finish.  You will be asked to supply credentials.  For username type wharton\<username> and then type your Wharton password in the password field.  Make sure to check remember my credentials and hit OK.