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Physical Computing Resources

There are six computers in the PhD lab of the Finance Department, located in the 2400 wing of SHDH.  These computers are reserved for use by Finance PhD students.  No other students, RA’s, TA’s, or other users may log in to these machines.

The PhD lab machines have certain pieces of software installed on them for PhD use, such as Mathematica, WinEdt, the Microsoft Office suite, Scientific Workplace, Acrobat Reader, SSH, MikTex, MATLAB, and SAS.  If there is any other software you would like to install, please let one of us know, and we will investigate the cost and feasibility.

Since these machines are publicly available for use by all PhD students, we ask that you do not lock the screens and walk away.  If we find machines that are locked, we will force your account to log out and leave the machine at the login screen.

Although you are welcome to bring your own laptop in for use on campus, please never unplug the network (or any other) cables from the lab machines for any reason.  The machines need to be kept on all the time, as automatic Windows, antivirus, and security updates are downloaded automatically.

There is a printer available in the PhD lab which all PhD’s are permitted to print to.  Usage of the printer is monitored.  Please see the printing section for instrucions.